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About Us

Pikan Real Estate
In 1986, we started real estate trading and brokerage services with the slogan "The Right Way Home". I have helped many people in various countries of the world and Turkey with real estate and made many of our customers homeowners, We have always been behind the real estate we sell and we have not caused any problems to any of our customers, in Spain in 2005, they awarded us the international award in which 120 countries are members and only 100 countries have been awarded the Golden Badge in Turkey, so that we have the title of the only real estate agent with the Golden Badge award in Turkey .

Ayrimenkul Advisor We Look for Teammates If you have a desire to pursue a career in the real estate industry, If you have dreams and goals, if you are tired of working in a salaried job, if you want to work free-lance, if you want to increase your earnings while setting your own working hours, real estate consultancy to have high incomes is for you! To create a portfolio for sale and rent in the working area (specialty), to implement the effective marketing plan to rent and sell portfolios, to create a Seller and Buyer database, to follow the developments related to the sector, to be up-to-date, Desired Skills and Specialties

25-55 At least High School graduates who can easily communicate with responsible people who can work under a corporate identity, Hardworking, disciplined Prezentabl, friendly and smooth diction, Honest and reliable, We are looking for experienced or inexperienced female business partners in the real estate sector who have a driver's license and can drive actively!...
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CONTACT: info@pikan.com.tr
Turkish Mid-Pm Whatsapp +90 541 966 85 49
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As the failure rate to understand entrepreneurship is high, it is not surprising that only a limited number of people are involved. A lot of people don't know that one of the ways to have an enterprise is through a franchise. Franchises have a low failure rate and perform well financially. According to the 10-year research stated, at a very high rate, 62% of franchisees are still standing. Why are franchises surviving? Why franchises can survive longer than start-ups (newly established companies) Franchises ; it has many advantages that many novice entrepreneurs do not have, which makes the venture less risky. 5 Advantages of Franchises 1 – Training and Support The company that gives the franchise will initially provide extensive training and support to the franchisee. Since franchisees receive a certain proportion of profits, it is in their interest that the new franchisees are in good shape. 2 – Purchasing the Company Business Model, Not Just Name/Brand, is the biggest reason behind the continuity and success of franchises; business model is already operational. Not only the name or brand, but the business model itself makes this franchise successful. 3 – Bargaining Power When you have a franchise, you will have a certain bargaining power against your suppliers. An independent, new venture owner will not have this kind of power or luxury. 4 – Expert support When you enter a franchise business, your job is not alone. When you have problems or questions, you look for some advice. No matter what franchise business you enter, you will be dealing with hundreds of people who will be happy to advise you. Many major franchise companies also provide individual training and support. 5 – High Capital Enterprise Many franchises are established with good capital and therefore have high survival rates. Many startups do not have this luxury. Investors who enter the franchise business often have the necessary financial qualifications to get that job.

Why do I join THE

If you have the will and perseverance for success, contact us immediately and leave your information. An official will contact you as soon as possible. Ready-made customer and portfolio for sale, you can start the path to success immediately, - The Right Way Home - www.pikan.com.tr
Why Are the Advantages of the Pay-To-Play System
Inducts the Time You Spend Setting Up Your Own Business.
The Accumulation of Years with the Pay-Per-View System Is Quickly Transferred to Entrepreneurs.
The Previously Tried And Successful It is possible to use a well-known brand and operating system.
Customer Potential Is Ready.
The products can be easily sold because of the awareness of the brand.
The costs of production and promotion are low.
Bytewing Companies Provide Financial and Legal Support.

The Risks That The Operator May Face Are Minimized,"

The Right Way Home - www.pikan.com.tr


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