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Investment Consulting

is the most efficient use of a property that is physically appropriate, permitted by law, financially carried out and valued at the highest return. The key elements that determine the most effective and efficient use include the answers to the following questions:

  • Is the use reasonable and suitable for
  • is there a possibility that the use is legal and that there is a possibility that it could get a legal right
  • Mulk physically suitable for use or can it be
  • Can the used be carried out financially?

The most efficient and best use chosen among the uses that pass the first four questions is really the most efficient use of real estate.

Zoning plans, which are one of the most determining factors in the legal and technical terms of the turkish sector, do not develop in parallel with urbanization, technological development and economic progress in our country and generally present a static appearance due to this lack of revision. As a natural result of this negative structure, it will provide the highest financial and technical efficiency on a real estate, and in addition, undesirable cases such as the inability to put even the most optimal financially funded option into the implementation phase can occur frequently in our sector. In other words, in addition to being the option that provides the highest returns or technically the most perfect results in the conditions of our country, it must also have features that can meet the requirements of legal legislation.

Gayrimenkul investments can be made in different ways and with different applications. It is important that the rights of the land in the investments regarding the zoning status and the procedures to be followed afterwards and the costs related to them, the productions in the construction phase of the project and the predictions of how an expected demand for the project will occur during the project phase or after the project is completed have been significantly systematised before the investment is made. In addition, if the investor who will produce the project buys the land or reachs an agreement with the land owner, the advantages and revenues will be examined, and if an investment is made for an improved property rather than any construction investment, the data on supply and demand status and the profitability of the investment are again an important issue. In line with the basic principles of real estate valuation in terms of investment consultancy, investors are presented with information and predictions on issues such as costs, value, supply-demand status. 


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