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Any real estate buying, selling, leasing, land transactions, real estate-related legal consulting, in short, in every area of real estate. Buy or rent from us real estate to live in peace and you'll have the chance to make a good investment in the years. Confidence in the real estate sector that is based on service sector.
A person or institution they are in or where they are the owner of Real Property Purchase, sale, leasing and ownership, essential legal transactions (taxes, fees, electricity, water, gas, insurance, etc.) to carry out.
is the most efficient use of a property that is physically appropriate, permitted by law, financially carried out and valued at the highest return. The key elements that determine the most effective and efficient use include the answers to the following questions: Is the use reasonable and suitable for is there a possibility that the use is legal and that there is a possibility that it could g
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Yow you can contact us by phone or e-mail to find the value of our real estate that you want to sell or rent. Our customer representative will make a free appraisal of your real estate and take over its marketing if you wish. You can rent out your properties that you intend to rent and have them maintained annually. Even if you are outside of Mugla and its districts, we can deposit your rental price into your bank account and ensure that it is rented again before the end of the lease. In this way, you can be more profitable from time and financially. We have a customer who knows us all over the world and will give you the necessary reference for us.  Since there is no more valuable commodity than time in the information age, we offer you a significant gain by taking advantage of our company's services without time and space limitations. This great service of PİkaN Real Estate Office will improve further and offer significant gains to our valued customers throughout Turkey and in the south of Turkey. Below are the service areas that can be useful to you.  Thank you in advance for your concern.  Yours sincerely



Mugla / Ortaca . Tel: +90 252 282 81 88

Mugla / Dalyan Tel: + 90 252 284 52 22

Gayrimenkul Advisor We Are Looking for Teammates
Yrimenkul if you have a desire to pursue a career in the school sector, if you have dreams and goals, if you are tired of working in a salaried job, if you want to work free-lance, if you want to increase your earnings while setting your own working hours, real estate consultancy to have a high income is for you! To create a portfolio for sale in the working area (in the field of expertise), to implement the effective marketing plan for leasing and selling portfolios, to create a Seller and Buyer database, to follow the developments related to the sector, to be up-to-date, GENERAL QUALIFICATIONS of Desired Skills and Specialties
25-50 years of age We are looking for hardworking, disciplined Prezentabl, friendly and dictional, honest and reliable, driver's license and active driving partners who can work under a corporate identity, experienced or inexperienced in the real estate sector!.

Mugla Ortaca Sb. Beşköprü Mah. 116 Street No. 48 : Ortaca / Mugla / Turkey : +90 252 282 81 88

Mugla Dalyan Sb. Ataturk. No. 33 / E : Dalyan / Mugla / Turkey : +90 252 284 52 22

Berlin Pikan Sb.                                                              : Berlin / Berlin / Deutschland : + 4917683330195

mail. info@pikan.com.tr

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